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The British Dance Council Teachers Committee is an autonomous sub-committee, which was formed to look after the interests of the social dance teacher.  The Committee consists of one delegate from each of the examining BDC corporate Members, a delegate from the Welsh Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing and five independent delegates who are elected each year for their expertise.

 The Committee is the body that considers and advises the corporate members on any matter relating to:

  • Achieving conformity within the dance teaching profession
  • Promoting dance to the general public:  film, TV, magazines, newspapers 
  • Improving the standing in the community of teachers of social dance
  • Publicising the benefits of dance, such as the health giving benefits and the pleasure that can be derived from participating by all age groups 
  • Notifying teachers of any forthcoming initiatives that may assist or influence their business e.g. new dance films or television programmes
  • Phonographic Performance Licences (PPL), Performing Rights Society (PRS), Music Users' Council
  • Encouraging the public to obtain dance tuition solely from teachers professionally qualified with a recognized examining dance teacher organization.  

The Teachers' Committee is always ready to deal with the varied enquiries that come in relating to the social dance business and is always prepared to look into any suggestions that are forthcoming from social dance teachers.  If you have any issues, suggestions or ideas that you would like to put before the committee, please contact the Honorary Secretary:

Jan Williams
Telephone:  01342 843132 

click to download   TEACHERS'S COMMITTEE DUTIES 

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The Teachers' Committee would like to inform all qualified dance teachers that a Certificate is available that publicizes the fact that you are professionally qualified by an awarding dance teacher organization that is recognized by the British Dance Council.

The Certificate is signed by the President of the British Dance Council and is available to all professionally qualified dance teachers on application to your own dance teaching organization.  



Leaflet: Dance Teaching Qualifications: click here to download pdf file

Letter to accompany the Dance Teaching Qualifications leaflet:       click here to download a letter relevant to the Dance Teaching Qualifications leaflet.

Leaflet: Dancing for fun, health and sport - pdf download

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