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We are proud to announce our new online database of Dance Teachers and Schools - please use the search box lower down this screen to find a school in your area.

Please note that this facility has only just been introduced, and we are dependant upon Teachers and Schools actually registering with the site and creating their entries in the database. The regional search will only reflect those regions where one or more entries are present, so if you find nothing, please try again another day.

If you wish to register an entry in the online database you will need to be a member of this site. The registration process is quick and easy. If you click the link below you will be prompted to login, and there is a register button on the login page to enable you to create an account. Please note that new entries are vetted by our staff to ensure they are appropriate for public viewing, and they will not appear in the search results below until such approval has been granted.

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Guidance for your dance school entry on this website:

The British Dance Council register of dance schools will only include schools engaged in the teaching of the dance styles covered by the British Dance  Council, these are Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Freestyle, Rock'n'Roll, Salsa, Streetdance or Country Western as listed in the tick boxes.

Please keep in mind that this is a free register of dance schools that are under the control of qualified dance teachers and it is not an advertising or promotional site.

More than 50 words will not be accepted:
Details of the school should include the school name, contact details (address, telephone, email, web site), the qualifications of only the owner or principle of the school and a general description of the activities (please keep it brief) that are offered by the school in not more that 50 words, do not include other personal qualifications.  You will be sent a reminder after one year that your entry will expire and you must re-submit your entry.  You must be a current paid member of one of the British Dance Council's teacher organisations for your entry to be approved

To create an entry, use the links below to register an account if you do not already have one, then return to this page and use the link, which will then prompt you to log in

You must Register first if you wish to add a Dance School entry

Before you can request a new school entry you must be logged in. If you already have a registered account, click the link further down the screen and you will be prompted to log in.

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School Finder

Filtered by County:

Please note that only counties in which there is at least one school will appear in the above list. This means initially the list is sparse, until people register their schools with our new system

Name County Facilities Web
118 DANCE STUDIO Leicestershire Medal tests and Social Events
Dance For Fun Greater Manchester Medal tests and Social Events
Flair Dance and Fitness Staffordshire Social Events,uk
Hurcombe School of Dancing Kent Medal tests and Social Events
Just Dance Worcester Worcestershire Medal tests and Social Events
New Life Dance Middlesex Medal tests and Social Events
Romeo Dance Academy Ltd Buckinghamshire Medal tests and Social Events
TELEMARK DANCE CLUB Kent Medal tests and Social Events
The Lane School of Dance Norfolk Social Events
The Studio - CT Hertfordshire Medal tests and Social Events
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