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Mar 15 2017: BDC Rules Amended

The British Dance Council Rules have been amended and a downloadable version is available on our publications page for you to dlownload.  click on the Publications and Leaflets tab on your left hand side.

Dec 20 2016: BDC


The British Dance Council is pleased to report that in accordance with the proposal notified in its press release of 16th September 2016 the BDC Rules have been amended. The Rules now incorporate an Equity Rule, requiring the BDC and competitors, adjudicators, scrutineers, organisers and promoters not to discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. The Rules also require all documents relating to competitions and championships under BDC rules and all documents relating to registration with the BDC to be gender-neutral. The Rules contain a new Complaints Procedure.

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Sep 20 2016: BDC:


The British Dance Council is pleased to report that it has reached agreement without any admission of liability with Dr John Church, Dr Alex Lewalle and Ms Heather Devine to resolve their complaints. In reaching this agreement the BDC agrees to further develop its current commitment to welcoming same-sex couples to compete with opposite-sex couples in full equality. The BDC has agreed to amend the rules that apply to all registered competitors, adjudicators and promoters in relation to competitions under the BDC rules, to require the use of gender neutral terms in all printed and online literature, text and other announcements, relating to such competitions, and to produce an online equality video for adjudicators in relation to best equal opportunities practice.

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Jul 11 2014: Statement: Proposal BDC Rule Change


Proposal for BDC Rule Change
Firstly, I refer you to the BDC Rule Book where it is recorded item 11) on page 2.

"the British Dance Council has adopted a policy of equity which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, religion or political opinion"

This is a clear and open statement of where the BDC stands on these issues.

Secondly, to reassure the couples who dance in competitions and championships held under BDC Rules, the BDC will not, as is being claimed be banning same sex couples from competitions they have hitherto been entering.

Competitions and championships held under BDC Rules allow for same sex competitions and there are very many of these throughout the year.

The rules also allow for competitions that are called “Open” competitions in which same sex and mixed sex couples can compete.

It is clear that mixed sex couples cannot compete in same sex competitions.  Same sex and mixed sex couples can and do take part in the other events.

Media coverage of a proposed introduction of an additional sector for competitions for mixed sex couples only has produced a great deal of protest seemingly based upon the incorrect to assertion that this would result in all same sex couples being be banned from all BDC competitions.  If the proposal was passed it would mean that same sex couples would be excluded only from this new proposed section, but not from any other section.   Clearly this would result in the same situation where mixed sex couples are excluded from same sex competitions.

As any decision regarding any changes to BDC Rules is a matter for the appropriate meeting and because of the incessant demands for interviews and comment I issue this statement.

Yours sincerely,

BRYAN ALLEN   Click here to download

Mar 5 2012: Teachers' Committee

The Teachers' Committee of the British Dance Council is campaigning to promote the professional qualifications of BDC recognized teaching organizations and to encourage the general public to attend lessons and classes run by professionally qualified dance teachers.

A standard letter, signed by the President of the British Dance Council, has been formulated for the Head of Leisure services and Community Centres to publicise our qualifications. A leaflet has also been produced to accompany this letter giving a résumé of the various qualifications obtainable.

This letter is posted on the Teachers' Committee page of the BDC website and, along with the leaflet, can be downloaded, addressed and sent by you to your local Leisure Centres and Community Centres. We are hoping that this will encourage these organizations to ensure that they employ the services of, or rent out venues to, professionally qualified dance teachers.

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